Now to         FREELANCE ARTIST/DESIGNER  

                 Eternity         Vancouver, B.C.


         Sept 2014 to         ART DIRECTOR                                                                              

                 Present         Scrumble Design, Vancouver, B.C.

Produce high quality visual materials for console and mobile game production, advertising, event venues, film creation, architecture development, theme park and sports events, and other businesses and individuals who require artistic visualization and design of their ideas.


         May 2016 to         GRAPHIC DESIGNER / CONCEPT ARTIST                                                                     

              Aug 2017         Microsoft, Redmond, Washington

Tasked with researching, ideating new ideas and methodologies  using human-centered design thinking. Forge ambiguous, abstract ideas into visually tangible, innovative products using a flexible range of artistic media.

Create innovative graphics, user interface concepts, motion graphics, presentation videos and animatics. Produce concepts, presentations, design documents, print media and promotional materials, as well as product designs, and visualization storyboards.

Develop color-grading and enhancement target 3D look-up-tables for the app's photo filters using adjustment layers and scopes. Research and create diverse visual design and style systems. Research and develop appropriate theme-based typography systems.


          Mar 2015 to        LEAD DESIGNER

             May 2016         DHX Media, Vancouver B.C.

Manage a team of artists to ensure quality and style continuity. Track assets as prescribed by scripts and marketing. Develop content and help set style for new productions.  Mentor artists.  Directed artistic vision, design, color and lighting for the Monster High team.


           Jan 2014 to         OUTSOURCING MANAGER

              July 2014         Smoking Gun Interactive, Vancouver, B.C.

Tracked and improved the performance of internal artists and outsourcing artists in China by reducing miscommunication and providing concise, detailed, clear direction. Managed 500+ (200% over typical productions) individual detailed assets within a three-month period, ahead of schedule.


          Mar 2013 to         LEAD ARTIST

               Jan 2014         Real Networks, Victoria, B.C.

Managed and organized outsourcing assets and asset integration.  Created artistic designs and provided visual direction.


           Oct 2012 to        SENIOR CONCEPT ARTIST

               Jan 2013         United Front Games.  Vancouver, B.C.

Promoted the project by creating very large and detailed color

environment panoramas for the game’s promotional billboards,

created gameplay solutions.


          Apr 2012 to         DESIGNER

               Oct 2012         DHX Media.  Vancouver, B.C.

Developed most of the background designs for a Disney

production's first season consisting of 400+ production images.


          Mar 2011 to        SENIOR CONCEPT ARTIST

             Mar 2012          Relic Entertainment /THQ. Vancouver, B.C.



               Mar 2011        Sony.  Redmond, Washington.


         May 2005 to         CONCEPT ARTIST

              Feb 2007         Next Level Games.  Vancouver, B.C.


           Jun 2003 to         CONCEPT ARTIST / OUTSOURCING MANAGER

             May 2005         Electronic Arts (Blackbox Games) Vancouver, B.C.


          Apr 2001 to         DESIGNER

              Aug 2002         Studio B Productions.  Vancouver, B.C.




                    2003           CAPILANO UNIVERSITY

                                        North Vancouver, B.C.

                                        Digital Animation Certificate


                    2001           CAPILANO UNIVERSITY

                                        North Vancouver, B.C.

                                        Commercial Animation Diploma


                    1989           GEORGIAN COLLEGE of APPLIED ARTS and TECHNOLOGY

                                        Barrie, Ontario

                                        Graphic Design Diploma



                                        3D Studio Max, Maya, Sketch-up, Photoshop, Lightroom,                                                       Illustrator, Sketchbook Pro, Premier Pro, After Effects, Unity 3d,                                           Cocos 2D, Trello, Excel, Scrum, Agile, Jira, Perforce, Shotgun.



                                        Hiking, canoes, gardening, woodworking, carving, fine art,                                                     drawing mechs, designing, and restoring old cars and jeeps,                                                 and a general passion for making old things new again.


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